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Why By Hand

What’s in a stitch? When I was a little girl, and my mother took me shopping for back to school clothes, she always examined the stitches. Loose stitches meant no purchase. At first it frustrated me, but as I learned to sew, I understood. She could tell the quality of the product in the quality of the stitch. 

Missed stitches, not back stitching to lock them so they wouldn’t unravel, broken or bulky stitches...all a problem. When I transitioned from fabric and cotton thread to leather, I went straight for an industrial sewing machine. I bought the #69 nylon thread as I was encouraged to do and I set off sewing. At first, I was so taken by the new products, I didn’t pay close attention to the stitches. But as time passed and I learned more, my mother’s teachings clicked in. The more I studied and learned the more I realized the expensive sewing machine I purchased was a waste.

So I packed it up and bought cheap(er) pricking irons. I got out my hammer, bought the best thread on the market and started hand stitching   every seam. 

The difference?

You can see it! In this picture the stitches on the left are done by machine. The stitches on the right, by hand. 

Notice the thickness of the thread on each seam. See how the stitches look at the top where the threads are back stitched to lock them. Notice how the edges of the holes look cleaner on the seam on the right. Another difference is that on the machine the top and bottom thread cross and stay the top or bottom. If the thread breaks, it will unravel. With hand stitching, a saddle stitch is used. With each stitch the top and bottom thread cross over each other and change place, securing the threads inside each hole. 

Which do you think looks stronger, more beautiful? For me it is clearly the right. The seam that is hand stitched. 

It takes twice as long to accomplish this strength and elegance, and this effort is what makes the products timeless. The stitches will last longer. 

But it is important to me and a part of my brand and promise to give you a product that you will cherish and love forever. I want you to want to pass down your bags and gear to family. 

The stitches are just as important as the leather. The stitches are everything. That’s why, it is HAND TOOLS ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT! 

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