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Rindleshire wasn’t designed to be “just another bag company.” There are plenty of places to buy bags in the world. The average woman buys 7 bags a year. Whether a bag costs $10 or $10,000, it doesn’t necessarily promise quality. It doesn’t promise strength, elegance or heirloom quality timelessness.

Rindleshire was born from a desire to be more – to make promises.


S T R E N G T H doesn’t just happen. You don’t wake up one day with an ability to bench press your weight. No, you build up to it. You push yourself past the limits on scheduled days and give your body days to recover in between. While you rest, your body builds muscle – and you build strength. Strength is earned. It requires work.

At Rindleshire, the strength of my design is earned. I waded through the many leather options and qualities until I found the strength I desired. My leathers aren’t stiff. They will move with you, bend with you – but they withstand what you ask of them. My products include metal hardware also. I learned about and tried metal options until I found the strength I desired. Solid brass. Other metals are cheaper or come in flashy colors, but they are weak – weaker than the leathers I use. It was critical to me that the hardware on my bags lasts the same life span as the leather. Knowing how to sew and use a sewing machine, I tried stitching my bags and gear on a large industrial sewing machine. But again, after prototyping and learning, I made the decision to return to the tried and true hand-crafted saddle stitch. The actual stitches are stronger, the thread is thicker, and the leather is punched not stabbed.

These three primary decisions, to use only the highest quality leather, to use only solid brass and to hand stitch each bag, earns my products the label of strength.

E L E G A N C E doesn’t just happen. Elegance is defined with words like graceful, style, and simplicity. It is usually related to an outward appearance, but at Rindleshire, I believe it has more to do with the way you carry yourself. This quality comes from within. It is seen in quiet kindness and care of others. I work to put this same detail and intentionality into my designs. When you carry a Rindleshire bag, I want it to radiate your quiet confidence. My bags are not flashy, but rather, designed to mirror your personality, which is why I offer so many color options.

T I M E L E S S is a quality I work toward to prevent waste. My materials are chosen for their strength and elegance, but also for their ability to outlive you. It would break my heart for a Rindleshire bag to wear out and be thrown away. I want you to wear them in. I want you to give your bag a life of patina that no other person can give it. It is our great pride that you would pass on your Rindleshire products to your children and grandchildren.


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